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Toothless RearDragon ®

Toothless RearDragon ®

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"How To Train Your Dragon" Adventure Package 

  • Elevate your rides with Toothless and Light Fury plush toys 🚗
  • Tailored for cars and motorcycles with custom fasteners and ultra-grip suction cups 🧲
  • Wind-tested at 130 km/h for aerodynamic thrills; some daredevils pushed it to even more km/h! 🌬️
  • Easily detachable for worry-free adventures—pop them out for car parking or carry them with your helmet on motorcycles 🧤
  • Dirt-defying and weather-resilient plush toys for fearless road companions, easy to clean and built to withstand the elements ☔
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Wind-tested at 130 km/h

Tested rigorously at 130 km/h, these stylish creatures showcase unmatched wind mastery, ensuring a seamless and secure travel experience.

Multiple holder types

Experience versatility with three distinct mounting options: suction, 3M sticker, and mount holders. Choose the one that suits your preference for a secure and customizable attachment

Easily detachable

Effortlessly adaptable, whether you choose to remove them, swap for a different color, or simply let them enhance the ambiance in your car.